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Personal music


Without installing applications outside of the operating system.

- Choose the music channel.
- Add it to your shopping cart.

- Personal Music will send to your e-mail a message with the file containing the music service.

- Download the file to your computer.

- When you run the file provided by Personal Music, the music channel will play through your favorite media player.

Backup : With each purchased music channel, you will find a link to download the music file offline, so that to play it in case of connectivity issues.

• Technical characteristics of the music service:

The music service will be installed on the computer. This computer must have internet access and a sound card.
Of course, you can work with the computer, as the music service is minimized without disturbing any task.

The music streaming service relays (online play) your music channels.

Just by clicking the Personal Music link of your PC, it will connect your channels without interruptions and with the best sound quality.
The service works with SHOUTcast musical or ICEcast technology, which are of unlimited transfer. That means that it will broadcast 24 hours a day without worrying about how much it consumes.
Our high-capacity streaming servers are connected to the largest network connectivity in Europe.
For your convenience and to get 0 % incidents, the music channels are played through the most popular music players, such as Media Player, Vlc, Winamp, iTunes and Real Player. There is no need to install any other program.